3 Ways To Bring The Movie Theater Experience To The Backyard

3 Ways To Bring The Movie Theater Experience To The Backyard

27 May

Movie theaters are a time honored way to have fun during the summer months. Catching the latest blockbuster on the big screen while in a dark and air conditioned space is a great way to escape the heat. The only drawback is that the tickets and concessions can get pricey quickly. Taking the whole family out to see a movie can really put a dent in the wallet. So why not recreate the movie experience from home? Better yet, why not take advantage of the backyard and make that the place for movie night? Here are three different ways to do just that! 


The most important part of bringing the movie theater experience to the backyard is being able to project the movie onto a large screen or the side of the home. This really creates the feeling of being at the movies. In order to do this, a projector is needed. The amount of light that a device projects is referred to as a lumen. In order for a projector to work outside it should be able to project 2,000 lumens or more. There are plenty of projectors that meet these demands at a variety of price points. 

Projector Screens

While movies can be projected on a bare wall or pretty much any flat surface, not all backyards come equipped with an area that suits this purpose. Projector screens can help solve this dilemma. Luckily there are a variety of screens to choose from. Portable screens are a great choice for backyards where there is not enough space to leave the screen up all the time. Inflatable screens are a popular choice and offer a unique viewing experience. Placing screens near gathering spots such as pools and sitting areas is also an important part of creating a movie theater feel.

Comfortable Seating

One advantage that the backyard has over movie theaters is that it offers more options for comfortable seating. The main goal in for watching a movie in the backyard is to be able to sit at a comfortable angle and to be able to see the screen. Cushions and reclining seats can help achieve these goals. Movies can also be watched from areas such as the pool. In these instances, large pool floats that allow for lounging are a must. 

Bringing the movie theater experience to the backyard entails more than just a bag of popcorn, though that certainly helps. An outdoor projector, projector screen, and comfortable seating can make enjoying a movie in the backyard a treat.