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5 Important Tips Before You Shop For Window Treatments

30 November

Could your home use a bit of a makeover? Are your windows looking boring? Before you head to the store, take a look at these great window treatment ideas: Minimize: Thick and heavy drapes and curtains are out of style. For the ultimate in minimal window treatments, choose pull down shades or window blinds that take […]

5 Tips For Buying A Comfortable Sofa Bed For Your Living Room

26 November

If you love entertaining guests or have recently purchased your first home and want to be able to accommodate visitors, it’s a good idea to look into purchasing a sofa bed for your living room. Sofa beds are a great alternative if you don’t have a dedicated guest room, but it’s important that you look […]

The Ultimate 5 Step Process To Eradicating Juice Stains

25 November

Although kids are an absolute joy, you have probably found that their imaginative minds and playful hearts can lead to many messes around the house.  One of the most common stains that parents or babysitters need to clean up are juice stains.  By learning about the correct process for how to best remove these types […]

How To Stay Organized While Relocating Your Small Business

24 November

Moving your small business from one location to another can be a great way to boost sales and increase your profits. Moving can be a time-consuming and frustrating task as well. Staying organized can help make the transition a smooth one, whether you are relocating because your business is growing or because you found a […]

Animal Damage To Trees: How To Spot It And Ways To Fix It

13 November

If your trees are healthy in fall, but spring reveals problems or decline, inspect them for animal damage. Although humans don’t usually see dormant winter trees as a food source, the neighborhood wildlife may see them as a feast. Identifying the damage, correcting the problem, and calling in a professional, like one from A-1 Expert Tree […]